Thursday, March 18, 2010


Our boys are definitely the rough and tumble type, but seeing blood turns me into such a worry-wort. It is so wonderful that I married a nurse who stays calm and collected when the blood makes an appearance.

Tonight Cavan had a rough time. First while playing in the kitchen, he bonked his face off of the open dishwasher door. It ended up cutting his eyelid and there was just a little blood.

About ten minutes later I decided to do a quick mop of the floor since all of the toys were put away. Hunter and Cavan were having fun sliding on the wet floor. Cavan kept trying to crawl and would then wipe out. Two seconds after I suggested to Matt that he pick Cavan up before he hurt himself, he did a face-plant on the floor. It was one of those hits where it takes them a while to get the scream out. You know when that happens that it is going to be a bad one!

Matt picked him up and the blood was pouring out his nose and mouth. Matt went into nurse mode and was getting the blood flow to stop while I went into suck-hole mommy mode. I just wanted to cuddle him instead of holding him down while screaming so Matt could clean him up.

Matt got the bleeding to stop and then I got to cuddle him. Of course all he wanted then was booby and promptly fell asleep (Cavan, not Matt! Although, I am sure Matt wanted that too!)

I am so very thankful for my husband and how calm he is when our kids bleed.


Fawn said...


Not to be heartless, but YOU put in that booby joke!

jozien said...

I feel for you! I feel faint, seeing my child bleeding.
I am glad to hear your husband, is a nurse!
And that's another good reason, we do have to meet some day. My son, (with a mother who is rather useless), is going to be studying to become a paramedic

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laugh!

Tina said...

OMG I wasn't even finished reading and I thought "Yeah, I bet Matt wanted it too" OMG We are so much alike! :)