Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swim Lakes

This afternoon we did our longest quad trip with the two boys so far. It was 32km round trip on a really good road/trail. We went into an area called Swim Lakes. We stopped at the first lake, but there are more past it. Both boys did great on the quads as usual. We went with some other folks, and we were the only quads in the group! Everyone else had Polaris Rangers. They are nice, but not great for a family of four, plus I hate not having my own toy to drive.

Today we just drove out, had some lunch, visited and then headed back to town. It would be nice to head in there with an inflatable boat and electric motor (on my wish list) to do some fishing. Maybe next summer I will be able to do that.

Hunter amaaq'ing his squirrel:

He does not want to part with pup and squirrel at all:

Our neighbour, Dave, showed us the way to the lake. Hunter loves Dave and kept taking him for walks in the bush!

Here they are up a little trail on a hill:

Cavan of course slept the whole drive in and out. Once we arrived he requested booby, then promptly fell asleep there too!

Most of our group:

The Lake:

Hunter snacking on chocolate from another quadder:

Hunter fell asleep on the ride home. Matt had tied Hunter to himself on the trail. There were some rough sections where he needed both hands at times and wanted to make sure Hunter would stay on the quad. It worked well for nap time too! What a tired little gopher he was after that adventure.


deiss said...

I am so happy for you that you are living the life you have always wanted. I love you guys!

Way Way Up said...

In my parallel universe, this lake would be located right next to Drowned Lake. :)

Bad Darcy jokes aside, it looks like a very enjoyable weekend outing though.


Gen said...

You do it right, Kara!

Yukongirl said...

Looks like you had a blast! And....I think Matt was a Boy Scout - love the sleeping boy safety gear!


Christine said...

I use my ring sling to attach Brayden to me on the Quad, works great and I can slip his arms/hands in if he gets cold! The lake looks beautiful..