Saturday, May 16, 2009

Low in the Energy Department!

Right after I had Cavan I lost a lot of blood. The nurses did a hemoglobin check on me, but I guess it wasn't too bad then because they let me leave. Matt said it might take a while after the blood loss for it to show up on the finger prick test. It must have taken quite the turn after that. For the first week I was almost unable to walk up a flight of stairs. My legs would shake and I would be completely out of breath. But after my folks left I was feeling pretty good and had a decent amount of energy as long as I got my nap every afternoon.

Just this week one of the nurses and a neighbour (who used to practice as a midwife) noted that I looked a little pale. So on Friday I went in to have my hemoglobin checked and it came out low. The normal range for a woman is between 120 and 160 (I have no clue what these numbers really mean!). Mine came out at 87. So I really wonder what it was when I could barely walk up stairs!

So the wonderful neighbour picked up some herbal treatment that gives me iron, a bunch of B vitamins and some other goodies. It tastes like crap, but I am taking it twice a day now and next week I will get tested to see what my hemoglobin levels are at.

I am excited to see what my energy levels are like once I get back to normal! I think I am going to be superwoman!!


Fawn said...

We already know you're a superwoman. ;) Hope your hemoglobin and energy both come up soon!

jen said...

I agree, you already are superwoman!

Gen said...

I knew something wasn't right, your posting frequency has dropped. ;)

Rest up. xox

indigo said...

apricots and peaches, both fresh and dried
wheat germ
kidney beans
blackstrap molasses
red meats
several commercial cereals: special K and cheerios
whole wheat bread

are all high in iron.