Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Excited for the Mail!

I am a mail-a-holic! I think anyone who lives in a remote community develops the same disease. In Faro, the mail arrives three times a week and I never miss a day. Yes, usually it is just a flyer or a bill, but once in a while something exciting arrives! Parcels and cards have been arriving for the new baby, but the one parcel I am anxiously awaiting will have two of these inside:

It is a Kidco Peapod! There is an inflatable bottom that can be put in, a sleeping bag, as well as UV protection and adjustable wind screens. It folds up nicely for travel.

I wanted one for Cavan so I can play outside with Hunter and the little guy will be protected from the sun and bugs. After some thought, we decided to order one for Hunter as well. We travel and camp a lot so Hunter will have his own little place to call his own no matter where we go. Much easier than lugging a bulky playpen around.

Another mom here in town has one and brought it out to a playground yesterday for her one year old daughter. I was giddy to see it for real instead of just on a website. It is even better than I imagined!

So I will be stalking the post office until it arrives!


Tigger said...

I am a certified Mail-lover too! Even Peekaboo asks, "did I get a package today, Mommy?"

Aida said...

i am a mail-o-holic too! that thing looks rad! be sure to review it once you get it. i dont think my kids will go for it.