Thursday, May 14, 2009

Because I want chocolate...

My friend said if I told the world how great she was she would send me chocolate.


Here is Deiss the Wondergirl flailing around some sticks when she came to visit me when I lived in the NT. This is from 5 years ago I think.


Alyssa Currie said...

It is crazy to think that you guys have been living in the north for that long

deiss said...


It's on it's way come Tuesday my friend.

It's too bad you didn't put up the one of that rock in the hillside. Remember? HAahahahHAhaha we're awesome.

yukonmusher said...

haha in Dawson here we have so much choice for chocolate (well for the size of the town). I LOVE IT! chocolate, cheap cocolate, semi expensive chocolate, and the really good chocolate. Did I mention I LOVE chocolate. hehehe
I actually gave Hayden crap on easter for not having a chocolate hunt for me to wake up to, hahah.
I probly would have been thanking the heaven god of chocolate with the same expression as Hunter when he was praying for more.

Carole said...

Will your friend send me chocolate too if I say how great she is?

World: DEISS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMmmmmMmm. Can't wait! :)