Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I can do it!

I have been scared shit-less of Matt heading back to work and me staying home with two kids. But two days in, and so far all is well! My saving grace is that Hunter is still napping in the afternoon. I have been tossing Hunter and Cavan in bed with me for a two hour nap each day. Wonderful!

Hunter has been a big helper around the house! Yesterday I told him that one of Cavan's barf blankets was dirty so he ran down the hallway, opened the washing machine door, stuck it in, and then turned it on!!! What a cute kid. He has had a few more tantrums lately, but they are mainly when Matt is home and he wants attention from him. I have even found time during the day to keep the floors clean, do a bit of laundry and stay on top of the dishes. And tonight I even made seven dozen chocolate chip cookies!!

In the evenings Matt and Hunter play outside while I do supper, then we have all been going for walks together. The weather has been amazing, it has been hitting the teens everyday.

Today was our first day back to playgroup in over a month. My first outing with the kids on my own! I put both kids on the quad with me and we headed down. Taking the quad with the kids is so much easier than strapping them into car seats in the truck. Cavan rode in front on me in the snugglie while Hunter sat on the seat on back. I am so glad I got that seat attachment!! I just need to drill some holes and make some rope handles for Hunter to hold on to. Hunter had a wonderful time running around the gym with the other kids, and of course he didn't want to get off of the quad when we got home.

I hope the rest of the week is as positive as the last two days have been!


Amanda said...

Can you send some chocolate chip cookies this a-way?!!? Looks like you have been managing very well! Glad to hear, give the kiddies a big kiss for me!

Aida said...

Yay you!