Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Shit. Grandma came to visit.

My mom was just up for a quick visit to see the boy. And of course I was able to put her to work a little too. She did up a lot of my Christmas baking for me, made me 2 more pairs of maternity pants, organized my freezer and a few other odds and ends. The only thing she refused to do was get up at 5am with Hunter. Too bad, I could have used more sleep! It was a nice visit and we shipped her back to Dawson Creek early Saturday morning. Hunter was slow to warm up to her, but once she introduced him to nanaimo bars, it was all good.

And the oh shit part of the post? Well, within the first 24 hours of arriving my mother had persuaded my oh so innocent boy to stop saying uh oh after dropping things or doing something bad, etc with OH SHIT! Joy. Grandparents are evil beings.

Here is my son eating butter. Yep, butter.

Helping Grandma cut up mushrooms for supper. I had no clue my kid liked raw mushrooms until then.

Hunter helping to measure the sugar...

Getting some mommy time in:

Reading with Grandma:

Attacking poor mommy who just wanted to be lazy:

So my goofy boy was standing on a stool and started shaking one leg and then the other. We were laughing at him wondering what he was doing... that is until his diaper fell off! And then he scuttled up the step stool onto the table (of course with a dirty bum) to go over and take a seat. At first he was sitting on the window ledge with his little package hanging out. What a riot. Granny got to clean that mess up.

Wearing his new jersey and hat thanks to Grandpa Hunter. Sorry Deiss!

For some reason he drug the George Foreman Grill out of the cupboard, opened it up, and sat on it. What a nut.


deiss said...

So I've seen pictures of Hunter in an Oilers jersey AND a Canucks one. Did we not send a Senators one? Do I have to send a Flames one? You're killing me. And until I see it on your kid, NO PRESENTS IN THE MAIL.

Tina said...

Those are awesome. I'm jealous you had a mommy visit. Love the pics! You and your mom sure do look alike!

Aida said...

lol..that is so cute..i must say i am too jealous your mom came to visit!

Shelley said...

So I guess that would be "oh shit there goes the diaper!" Very Cute though. Gotta luv Grandma!

dogsled_stacie said...

Man your kid is weird.

Alyssa Currie said...

LOL but its cute when little kids swear. Thats what grandparents are supposed to do!