Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And My New Car!!

I forgot something! I got a new car this week!! It is awesome. Red, shiny, goes fast... when pushed by a toddler. hehehe Super smart me won a prize after guess the birth weight of little Halia the gorgeous daughter of Fawn and Michael. I harassed Michael and said my prize should be a new vehicle. I guess I forgot to be specific about the size of the car!

And even better than the car, I got to see the gorgeous Halia in person. I stopped in and got to see her napping. I got to peek in at Jade too, but she was snug as a bug in a rug and I couldn't see much of her through her blankets!

That was definitely the highlight of my Whitehorse trip!

1 comment:

Meandering Michael said...

You mean it didn't need to be a SHINY new car?