Monday, February 17, 2014

Where all of my grey hairs will come from.

He is approaching five and is utterly fearless.





While I was able to stave off bunkbed trampoline tricks (look for that in the summer Olympics in about 10 years) for another week, he was still able to make himself bleed this week.  Again.  I doubt more than seven days can pass without blood loss in this house.

Look at that face.  This kid wears his emotions front and centre.  This emotion was pure anger at his mama for saying that jumping from the top of the bunkbed to the trampoline was probably not a good idea.

Mum, we have to bake cookies and ice them for everyone in my class for Valentines Day.

Taking a nerf gun hit to the mouth (the gun, not the bullet) can do some damage.  His previously chipped tooth is even more damaged, super wiggly, and the gum is all bruised as well.  He is a tough little bugger!

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Sarabeth said...

I lost a tooth to a nerf gun as well, as fired by my brother. Boys!