Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bum Watch Week 15!!

My bum is back on the internets!!

It is hard to believe it is already 15 weeks since my surgery.  My healing is moving ahead now in leaps and bounds.  About 6ish weeks ago I tried jogging on the treadmill.  I felt great that day, but the day after I couldn't function at all.  Yesterday I tried it again, just interval running (walk for 2 min and jog for 1 min) for 20 minutes.  Today I feel stiff, but not too painful at all!  Maybe I will be running 5k by fall! 

Tail bone pain is my newest torture.  Over the last week it has gone from irritating to all consuming.  Sitting, standing, walking, laying have all now become painful.  However, this morning I feel a bit of relief.  I saw the massage therapist yesterday and I actually had tears in my eyes when she prodded the muscles in my butt.  The torture I think it actually helped!   I went and saw a doctor about it and am getting a nerve pain prescription medication, a referral for a tailbone xray, a prescription for the chiropractor, and encouragement to continue with exercise and massage.  So we will see where all of that leads!

I think the B-Complex my friends recommended is working wonders on my mood stability right now (Thanks Daria and Jilly!).  I have been taking it for the last 10 days and am really feeling better mentally.  I have not been feeling those huge ups and downs each day.  Heck, I don't think I have broken down in tears once since taking it (the massage therapy torture doesn't count).

My wounds are doing amazing.  I have stopped treating my inner thigh one and it is drying up and scabbing over nicely.  My hips still have a few more weeks to go, but the end is really in sight!  I am still swelling from morning to evening.  Yesterday I took photos and measurements in the morning and evening.  My waist went from 33" to 35.5" during the day and my hips went from 38.5" to 40".  My thighs didn't change at all though during the day.  So my compression garment is very much still needed!

If my tail bone pain would stop, I think I would be feeling amazing!  But I am progressing well and looking back at my body from 15 weeks ago, I am very happy with the changes.

Onto my bum pictures!

Morning to evening swell.
15 weeks!  I love my flat tummy!

My teeny tiny lopsided bum!  That right thigh is an entire inch larger than the left.

I don't miss that stomach flap at all.
Thank goodness all healed!  Just dry skin and a scar now.

I am getting there!!  Right hip wound is nearly done.  A few more weeks I think is all that is left for treating it.

Thighs are doing great!  The right scar line is so perfect looking.  Left thing wound is being left alone now and is clearing up just fine.

Left hip is still a bit open, but again, just a few more weeks I think and I won't have to treat it at all.  It is very dry around this wound and incredibly itchy!

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