Monday, February 10, 2014

Hotels, The Tooth Fairy, and Little Drunk People

I am so exhausted that an 8pm bedtime is looking mighty fine right now.  I put the boys in bed at 6:46 and I am pretty sure they were fast asleep by 6:48.  I win!

The boys and I got home this evening from spending three nights in Whitehorse.  Matt was in there with us, but has to stay in for a few more days on course for work.  The reason for our trip was dental work.  Boooo.  Hissssss.   It wasn't fun.  Both boys had a number of cavities that were all in between their teeth.  Our dentist would not do the work on Hunter because has a crazy gag reflex and there was a 100% chance of him puking all over the dentist and neither on Cavan since he isn't able to sit still for long enough to fully say "Squirrel" out loud.  We were referred to a pediodontist who came up to Whitehorse from Vancouver for the weekend.

This dentist and his staff were amazing!  Our kids loved them (and the ipads they let them play with and prizes they got to come home with).  Both boys had to have conscious sedation in order to have all their work done.  It was like having a preview of what my boys will be like that first time they get drunk at a party.....

I wish I had filmed Cavan.  He had different medication than Hunter and watching him lose his ability to function was truly hilarious (does that make me a bad parent?  I think I am okay with that) and he would look at me every few minutes and ask how I got there so fast.  He was enthralled with a sucker they had given him as a bribe to drink the medication and would just stare and stare at it.  It was awesome.  He passed out, went to have all the work done, and came out like a little hung over person.  He puked, cried, and just wanted to know why his sucker was missing.  Again, still pretty funny.  I hid in the other room with the better functioning child while Matt got to deal with Mr. Pukes.

Hunter's medication was no where near as dramatic in function.  He seemed pretty normal until they asked him to walk to another room and then he just started laughing and saying how dizzy he was.  After the work was done (he also got some gas that knocked him right out while they worked on him) he was pretty much back to his normal self and was quite happy that he got to have as much pudding as he wanted- which was four pudding cups!

The worst part of the whole thing was #1- have to stay in a hotel for three nights and #2- not letting them eat or drink for 5 hours before their dental work.  Their appointment was at three in the afternoon, so not a fun time of the day to keep them away from eating and drinking.

During the dental work, Cavan's two loose teeth got stuck on the rubber dam they were using and both teeth came out.  Cavan was giddy about losing them and the first visit for him from the tooth fairy.  That giddiness woke him up at 4:30am this morning and I contemplated just locking him out of our hotel room and letting him run the halls for a few hours while we slept.

Upon inspecting his missing teeth this morning, he also saw that he had some new "metal" teeth as he had a few crowns put on.  On the drive home he asked me if he was turning into a Transformer since he now had metal teeth.  Of course I told him yes. 

Hunter showing off his submarine skills.

Cavan getting ready to lead a sneak attack on dad.

We lucked out that three other families from Faro were in town too!  We all went to the pool together to create chaos!

Hunter still cannot master the monkey bars.  Cavan had them down pact two summers ago at three and a half when we would have to lift him to reach the bars.  Two very different boys!

See ya later bottom teeth!  And hello new Transformer teeth in the back!


Miranda Hughes said...

Ha, loved the drunk kids description. I was looking at your picture and thinking the pool looked oddly familiar, like a pool I'd once been to. Then I realized I'd been to that pool when my older two kids were about the age of yours, back in 2001. Trip to visit friends in Whitehorse.

Dr. James DeFinnis said...

Good thing that got done quickly and as smoothly as possible. Visiting the dentist shouldn't be a chore, but rather a regular priority in our actions like other quarterly or annual medical checkups. The value of an affable staff though cannot be underestimated.

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Thanh Arnett said...

Thanks to the amazing staff, your children’s dental checkup was successful. It feel really great to find reliable doctors and friendly staff while you’re a bit away from home. Well, hope those dental issues will be fixed as soon as possible. Keep us updated! :)

Thanh Arnett

Elliot Bagley said...

Thanks to sedation dentistry, we’re confident that kids won’t get traumatized on their dental procedures. They just need assistance while the sedation is still in effect because it normally makes anyone who's been given it to feel woozy. Don’t forget to remind them about their oral hygiene, ok? :)

Elliot Bagley

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