Friday, September 6, 2013

Sit Ups and Going Nowhere

I have been putting a heap of effort into my exercise regime, combined with strictly tracking my eating.  And I am going nowhere fast!

These stalls drive me bonkers.  How can I be burning 400 calories at the gym each morning, walking a few km a day, eating 1200 calories a day, and have the scale just laugh at me?!  BLARG!

It is especially frustrating since I really want to be around 180lbs before my skin removal surgery and I am sitting at 192 and holding.  My surgery is exactly two months from today!

While the scale frustrates the shit out of me, my progress at the gym is making me mighty happy!  Today in my ab challenge workout I was able to do 60 situps with a 4lb medicine ball, 75 crunches, 30 leg lifts, and a 50 sec plank.  I never thought I could even do 10 situps in a row and now I am working my way up to 120.  Using the rowing machine I can now cover 2km in nearly 10 minutes.  Each time I use the rower I am determined to get my 2km in in under 10 minutes.  Almost there!  I sweat buckets using a couple of the torture devices for 30 minutes there every morning.  The bow flex step climber and I are best buddies now.

So I know I am getting healthier, but the results just aren't on the scale.

They aren't in the measurements much either.  My entire body seems to just be holding steady!  But going back to when I was 320lbs, there is a lot of change!

My hips used to measure 64".  And now they are 47"!  I wonder what that measurement will look like after surgery?

So I will just keep on plodding along and hope to see some results soon!


Anonymous said...

What an accomplishment!! You are getting stronger - remember that. The scale is bullshit at this point. Just keep up the good work and feel the rewards as they continue to accumulate.


jozien said...

maybe you are growing muscle?
i love the new photo at the top!

Anonymous said...

Muscle mass. And all that skin must weigh something and won't change much. You look and sound wonderful.

Freya said...

Hey, great work so far!! You have come a long way and are looking fabulous!! I went on an exercise pinning spree a little while ago, and pinned some things about women and crunches/sit-ups. They are not necessarily effective for the "mommy tummy". Still beneficial, but maybe look into some other ab exercises?? Also, maybe changing or adding a few things will tap into a different muscle or the way it's being used and help break the plateaus. Have you ever done a "mountain climber" (get your mind out of the gutter ;)). That's a great one for your core!!! Keep up the good work!!!!