Friday, September 13, 2013

A Decade Of Wedded (Bliss) Entertainment

Today Matt and I have been married for an entire decade.  A decade!  And we have known each now for thirteen years.  Incredible.

It has definitely not been a decade of bliss.  Entertainment better sums up it all up.  My husband entertains me with his (sarcastic) witty ways every day.  Sure, I want to throw him out the door and lock it when he continually leaves the peanut butter covered knife on the edge of sink or when he wears his knee high socks with shorts and sandals.  But I know I have a good guy and I really don't want to start fresh training some other man on the right way to do laundry or load the dishwasher. 

We have been together through living in three territories, buying two houses, having two kids and a few different jobs.  Our relationship has survived things other peoples haven't such as: house renovations, visits from in-laws, building 1000 piece lego sets, long drives with children, explosive baby diarrhea, and vomit from the tops of bunkbeds.

His constant state of mellow perfectly matches my constant state of high-strungness.  I am like a squirrel on speed whereas he is more like a black bear during hibernation.  A very nice balance indeed.

Life is grand and I look forward to the next ten.  Maybe even longer if he ever learns to put the peanut butter knife in the damn dishwasher. 

I love you, Matthew! 

Wedding dress doesn't fit so well anymore!  I am about 100lbs lighter than I was when I got married.

Just a bit of excess at the back!

I could fit an entire person in here with me. 

10 years ago I promised to put him down quickly if he ever got bitten by a zombie. 


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Happy anniversary! September 13th was our anniversary too - must have been an auspicious date, eh? We've been married 33 years. Wishing you as many & more. :)