Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Garden: The End

I am pretty excited that fall is here.  It is time to squirrel away all the lovely produce from my garden and from the bush too. 

I have canned all of my beets, green tomatoes have been turned into chow (a type of relish) and minced meat (for tarts at Christmas), 32lbs of potatoes are stashed in a cool room, and 10lbs of carrots are sitting in the fridge just ready for snacking.

There are six cups of low bush cranberries in my freezer for baking and all the high bush cranberries I picked have been turned into jelly.  I bought 10lbs of farm grown carrots and sliced them for my freezer too- yummy for soups and stews!  I think I am going to buy 10lbs of carrots and shred them for baking and freeze them too.

My raised bed garden is not very large, but it is definitely producing a lot!  I am learning more each year and I am already planning what I am growing for next year. 

Beets just out of the pressure canner.  The bottom fell off of one jar, so I had a lot of sticky cleaning to do.

Lots of green tomatoes from my three plants.

Green tomato chow.

Green tomato minced meat.

Testicle 'Tatoe!

The last items to come out of the garden- carrots and potatoes.

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