Monday, September 2, 2013

Garden: The Harvest Is Starting!

What a fantastic year for my garden!  Year two was definitely a success and the only thing missing was a greenhouse.  I will continue to dream for another year while we work on making room in our yard for one.

We have already pulled around 25lbs of potatoes out and they are so delicious.  I will wait another couple of weeks and will dig up what is left and stash them away for us to enjoy for the fall.  I doubt they will last long into the winter.

There are 19 one-cup bags of peas in the freezer and the pea plants have been pulled and put in my new compost pile.  The bean plants have been growing and we have had probably 6 or so feeds off of them.  I covered them up on our few frosty nights, but it wasn't enough to save them.  They got nipped by the frost, but are still growing beans and we hope to have a few more suppers with them on the side.  I dehydrated more swiss chard and then pulled the stalks and threw them to the compost pile too.  I have five large ziplocks of dried swiss chard to add to soups this winter.

The outside tomato plants have large green tomatoes that I will can into a green tomato relish this week with a recipe from my mother-in-law.  It is pretty delicious!

My carrots are small this year and are continually raided by my kids and most of the neighbourhood kids too.  I am hoping to freeze some of them, but I doubt they will make it that far.  The beets look fantastic and I will be canning them this week.  That is always a fun purple mess!

My cherry tomato plant now lives indoors along with most of my pepper plants.  I am eating little tomatoes as they ripen and perhaps in another couple of weeks I will have some peppers to enjoy!

Cherry tomato goodness!

Lots of peppers!

mmmm  Beets!

Wee carrots!

Super beans!

Purple potatoes under the dirt.

Yukon gold under here somewhere.

Green tomatoes for canning! 

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