Saturday, September 14, 2013

Four Year Olds Talk Bullsh*t

If you are the owner of a four year old, you will know that they talk total bullsh*t all the time.  All the time.  They live in their own little crazy world and entertain those around them with wild tales.

This week Cavan has told some mighty impressive tales:

- apparently dinosaurs are still alive, but they live under the ground.  They moved underground when the asteroid hit earth.  When there is enough meat back on earth, they will come back up to eat.

- people are not made of meat, so dinosaurs will not eat us.  People are made of circles.  Not like Transformers who are made of squares and rectangles.

- sometimes grizzly bears come in our house.  We should hide our favorite toys and crafts so the grizzly bears won't wreck them.

- carrots, when consumed straight from the garden, give kids super energy that makes them run very fast.

- if we leave the water in the bathtub overnight, in the morning and there will be whales in the tub.

Those are just a few of the tales from this week.  Good thing he is entertaining, because he is also at the height of his whiny-ness and I have come pretty darn close to setting him free in the bush to be raised by wolves. 

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Nita said...

Too funny. When Michael was 4, he was going to be the guy that trains and rides the dolphins at the zoo when he grew up. He was pretty chuffed at us for refusing to purchase a dolphin for him to learn on.