Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Broken Update

My sense of humour has returned, so I must be doing better! 

On Monday we were told that I would need surgery to wire the bones back together.  So we drove into Whitehorse that evening and I was at the hospital at 7:30am on Tuesday.  11am the surgeon came out to tell me that he changed his mind and I would be fine in an air cast.  In the 2 minutes he talked to me, he said no weight bearing for 2 weeks, sit in an air cast, then change to a high top hiking boot and start slowly on weight bearing but make sure my ankle doesn't move side to side.  Not much for instructions!  A doctor will be in Faro next week and I will be asking her for more information and a referral for physio.

Coming home last night was great.  Here again is why I love Faro- two of my friends had come in and cleaned my house while another friend made us supper for that night.  So spoiled!

Today I am just sore all over.  The bumpy drive and a lot of walking with crutches took all of my energy.  I am sitting with my foot up and doing a heck of a lot of nothing right now.

The hardest part of all of this is feeling a bit lost.  Sunday I cried all day.  Seriously, all day.  I realized I cannot do the Chilkoot hike in early July and my hiking partner is going to find someone else to hike with.  I have been dreaming of this hike for years.  It was my big goal- to lose enough weight and be physically fit enough to do this hike- it was like a big finale for me and this weight loss journey.  And then wham.  I fall on my face in gravel and that finale is fracked.  I was heartbroken.

But I cannot wallow in self-pity for long.  I gave myself Sunday to wallow, got a lot of good advice and encouragement from friends, and felt back to my usual self on Monday.  New goals have been set too.  Late this summer I will hike the Dena Cho Trail from here to Ross River.  So now I am excited again and have something to work towards.

Now.  To sit here and do a lot of nothing without going crazy.  Wish me luck!

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Kathy said...

Kara I went to the Yukon on a tour a few years ago and since then I became interested in blogs from Alaska and your area. I been following yours since then. I don't usually comment. But I have followed your weight loss and I am so proud of you. I am very overweight myself and am currently working on it. PLEASE don't get discouraged over this. If anything think of the next Chilkook? race. You will have had all that extra skin taken off and your weight will be down a great deal,and you will have more time to practice. You will be able to run so much better! Maybe even inspiring you to get in some of the larger races! If you get into it that much you could enter the Boston Marathon!! If you get that good you can come and stay at my house! I live 1 hour away from it in New Hampshire. You are young still,look forward you have plenty of races ahead of you! Just think a few years ago,what you weighed and the problems you had then! This is just a little crimp in your new long life!!Take Care and chin up, Kathy Layton