Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Even With Cavan

I want to say that I looked at your sweet sleeping face and felt that happy, motherly glow and just sat back and watched you dream.

But we all know that I am not sappy like that.

Instead, I looked at your sweet sleeping face and wondered where the black marker was hiding.

I drew on the eyebrows, smiling as I remembered the screaming fit you threw when I said no to a freezie after breakfast.

In return for repeatedly knocking over the block towers that your brother painstakingly built, I brushed on a mustache.

Not eating your supper earned you a goatee.

I love being a parent and I especially love being your mom.  But sometimes a mama just needs bit of a reward for this whole parenting gig.


Allmycke said...


Johanna said...

fantastic!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Megan said...

bwahahaha! What was his reaction when he woke up?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Megan- Matt showed him in the mirror in the morning then he came to my side of the bed giggling about his silly face! He was very curious why I did it. ahaah