Saturday, May 25, 2013

Planting My Garden

Gimp for the win again!

Today I planted my garden, and I am sure I will pay for it tomorrow.  My awesome husband added some new dirt and compost to my raised beds yesterday and also set out everything I needed to plant.  Today I walked/hopped/scooched around and planted my second Yukon garden.

This year I have nearly double the space I had last year thanks to Matt building more raised beds on the second level of our backyard.  The second level is almost all potatoes!  On the upper level I have two kinds of swiss chard, two kinds of spinach, leeks, green onion, beets, lettuce, green and yellow beans, peas and carrots.  I still have some beds empty since a neighbour said she has some started plants to give me that she has run out of room for. 

Everything I planted again this year is straight from seed.  Next year I am hoping to have a greenhouse plus I will start plants in the house and be ready to transplant. 

I now just have my fingers crossed that this season yields even more than last summer!  I was very pleased last year with everything that grew, however I need to set some traps for the voles that took a liking to my carrots and pea plants.

Now to wait patiently for it all to grow and the yard and trees to finally green up.

First sprinkler run of the season!  brrrr!

Hubby watering today after I got everything planted.


Carol P said...

love the naked garden streaking going on there

Carole said...

Ha ha ha, I was just going to comment on the offensiveness of the nakedness in your garden! ;)
Nice to see you're able to keep busy.

Juliane Knoll said...

It's been a month now, how's your garden? This is one big garden by the way, and a good spot for a greenhouse. Good thing you have a sprinkler like the one in the picture because I couldn't imagine doing it manually every time. Anyway, good luck on your gardening and hope you have a plentiful harvest.-Juliane Knoll @