Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Broken Bone

Miserable doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling right now.

Yesterday I headed out (in sub zero temperatures since Spring has decided to avoid us for now) for my run.  I have moved my running training to outside to prepare for my 5k run up in Mayo.  Only about 500m from my house, I rolled my ankle out on some gravel (it gave a very audible pop) and down I went.  As I skidded on my hands/knees/face down the road all I could think was thank god no one was around to see that fail in action!

I laid on my stomach for a while... and then got myself on my arse for a while...  And then realized that no one was going to rescue me so I had better head for home.  I thought I had just sprained my ankle and somehow I limped back up the hill to home. 

Matt was on call and he took me down to the Health Centre for x-rays.  The misery started when I looked up at the screen when he said, "Sorry sweetie, it is broken."  I could even tell on the x-ray that I was broken.  The distal end of my fibula is fractured.  Broke the tip of it right off down in my ankle.  I fell apart then and started sobbing.

Sobbing over a broken ankle?  I know, drama llama.... But I have plans!  Big plans!  Huge plans that are royally screwed over by a broken ankle.

Epic trip around the Yukon with my girlfriends?  On, but not sure what shape I will be in.

5k run up in Mayo?  Out.

Squash?  Out.

Training for my hike?  Out.

53km hike of the Chilkoot trail on July 3?  Don't know.

Right now I am still sitting here in Faro.  On Monday we will hear from the surgeon as the whether or not I need surgery.  If not, I will still have to drive the 400k to town to get a cast put on.  I did the unthinkable and googled my injury.  Healing time?  A long fucking time.

I am disappointed.  I feel bad for my hiking partner.  I feel bad for the friends that signed up for the 5k run with me.

I am worried about the effects of being forced to sit here and do nothing for weeks.  I am a stress eater and am going to have to manage my eating to the utmost level.  Other commitments like the sewing projects I am doing with the Youth Group and volunteering at our Crane & Sheep festival are all going to be on hold.  I don't even know how I am going to manage my own kids at this point.

In November I will be having my skin surgery and have been dreading the healing time afterwards because I will have to sit and do nothing for weeks on end.  And now I am being forced to do that twice in one year.  I am going to lose my mind.

Perhaps later this week I will be back to my happy self and see some sort of positive in this heap of misery. 


Tara said...

Oh, Kara. I'm so sorry to hear this!

Take care, wishing you a speedy recovery.

Megan said...

This sucks so much! :-(

If you need someone to hang out with on skype let me know, you can watch Aurora destroy our living room :-p

Fawn said...

I feel for you, Kara. :(

Maybe you can get some weights and focus on upper-body work...? Shutting up now, with my unsolicited advice.


Anonymous said...

You'll bounce back!!

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

That sucks, Kara! I hope you heal faster than expected! I'm bummed I won't get to meet you in Mayo...I lost my mind yesterday and registered to run the half marathon!