Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Science Experiments Part 2

Spring Break Science Experiments are still going strong with an experiment every day!  And for those thinking this takes a lot of work and effort- trust me- this is easy stuff!!  Most of these take a couple of minutes to find the supplies and then 3-15minutes from start to finish.  My kids have attention spans of goldfish (unless they are watching Transformers or Ninja Turtles on tv), so we make sure it is kept short.

Hunter is big on yelling out, "This myth is busted/plausible/confirmed!" when we try each experiment.  Can you tell we have been watching a lot of mythbusters? 

And they are both coming up with some creative variations on some experiments and they get us to repeat according to their instructions.  Heaps o'fun!  This science geek mama (and dad) couldn't be happier!

So what have we done since our last post?

We tested what happens to balloons when they are held over flame!  Boom!
However, when you fill the balloon with water, it won't explode when held over a flame.

Did you know raisins can dance?

Dance raisin, dance!

Gravity has been defied!  And my floors were cleaned in this process....

We learned about density!
We tried to make Mountain Dew glow in the dark- This myth is totally busted!

And we turned old movies into hovercrafts.
 These experiments have turned into the highlight of my day (well other than 7:30pm when they go to bed).  We have six more days of spring break so that means six more experiments I will share with everyone next week!

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