Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some excitment, some humour, and crafting results!

A mixed blog post here!

First the excitement part.  Last night I booked the plane tickets to Los Angeles for my reconstructive skin surgery!  I got a fantastic deal on seats and both Matt and I are flying there return for just under $1300 total for the two of us.  Wow!  And even more amazing?  The money I used to buy the plane tickets had all been donated from amazing friends!  Nearly $1800 has been donated to my surgery fund.  I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has contributed.

Some humour that I posted on facebook the other day:
Me: Hunter, do you think it was a good decision to put the balloon into the toilet while Cavan was peeing?
Hunter: Nope, but it was a funny one.

Smart ass kid. I guess he is taking after me. And Matthew. Damn those smart ass genes.


And the results of the crafting disaster from yesterday!  Very, very fugly.  But the boys think they are awesome and believe there is no way daddy will be able to steal the chocolate now!


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