Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crafting Disaster.

I love crafting with my kids, but once in a while my well laid out plans like to laugh in my face.  Today's project was just that.

I laid out the supplies for our daddy chocolate traps.  I am anal on being organized.  So everything was set up just right.  Or at least I thought.  Sheet was put on the floor.  Chocolates were put into balloons and tied to a laundry drying rack.  Glue was thinned with some water.  String was cut to manageable lengths and sitting nicely in a tray.  Boys were down to just their undies.  Perfect!

Uh huh. 

Boys in undies have full access to wankers.  I attempted to get a nice shot of our craft set up:

Wanker grabs by both.

So the plan was for them to grab a piece of string.  Put into the glue.  Remove from glue and get the excess off and then wrap the string around the balloon.  The boys deemed the glue to messy so they wanted me to do the dipping and they would put it on the balloons.  Well that was a full on disaster.  Strings fulled with glue were just flying around.  Hitting me.  Hitting them.  Getting into hair.  Hands went back to wankers.  Screams were heard as they were worried their wankers would be glued closed forever.  Kill me now.  Where is the booze?

Finally, this mama resorted to having them just passing me the dry strings and I did the rest.  Then I threw them in the bath and I went to survey the scene of the disaster.

The sheet I so thoughtfully put out to help contain the mess?  Yeah.  Watered down glue soaks right through.  So I had to scrub the floors.  Then I see glue on the sofa.  More scrubbing.  Glue on the wood stove pad.  More scrubbing.

It is now 4:25pm and the boys are in pj's already.  I am ready for bed.  And the glue balloon disastors are drying.  The plan is to pop the balloons tomorrow and the chocolate eggs inside will be trapped so their daddy won't be able to steal them when he returns at the end of the week.

I am going to sneak a mini chocolate.  Maybe take a swig of the ready-made mojito mix in the fridge.  And the tv is going to watch my children for the rest of the evening.  This mama deserves that at least.  Right?
Never again.

I wish this picture showed off the glue...

Who knows.  Maybe they will work?


Meandering Michael said...

I would say the boys had a legitimate concern! :D

Tara said...

Oh man, that sounds like a mess! It made me smile, though. Those chocolate traps look really neat, you'll have to post a photo if they work out!