Wednesday, January 2, 2013

You know, when you just have one of those amazing days?

Most every day is great, but once in a while I have a day that is just amazing.  Today was that day.  There really wasn't anything special, but when I put it all together, perfect.

My early morning was tea, housework, internet surfing, prepping meals for the day and chats with the boys. 

Then we were outside at 10am for a mama and boys snowshoeing adventure.  The temperature was just -1C with a very light wind; it is absolutely stunning for January!  I made trail and my little ducks followed me and we did an entire kilometer today.  I am so impressed with the boys; the distance isn't far yet, but they worked hard!  We stopped to identify all of the animal tracks we saw and think about what the animals were doing when they left those tracks.

We met up with another family for playtime at the park behind our house and then my boys followed that family home for lunch while I got an entire hour to myself!  Matt rounded them up and brought them home for me at 1pm.  My quiet hour was spent cleaning my serger, prepping a hat for sewing and tidying my sewing lair.

The boys came back home and played for an entire hour WITHOUT FIGHTING downstairs in the train room.  Now that hour did end when Hunter decided to explode the all of the train tracks, so there were a few tears.  I was sewing and watched an episode of Dexter while they were playing together.  I was too scared to go down and check on them in fear that I would disturb how well it was going!  Then they watched a bit of tv while I did more sewing.

We headed down to the rec centre around 3pm where they ran for an hour and I got to read my book on the sidelines.  A friend met me down there and we started our running program at 4:30 when Matt got there to play with the boys.  This couch to 5k program is going well, but it's only my third time so we will see what I say in another month or so.

Matt took the boys to the arena for their skating lessons at 5 and I met them over there soon after.  I watched my boys skate and then it was time for my own skating lesson.  I did well and am working hard to get over my fear of being on skates.  I fell for the first time today and while I did hurt my elbow, the fall wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be.

Now I am home, have had supper and the boys are watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons with Matt and gearing up for bed here in a short while.  This evening I plan on finishing that hat, watching some Dexter and finishing off my book.

You know, just one of those days where everything goes right, kids are happy, lots of time is spent outside, heaps of energy is expended, and you just feel fabulous at the end of it.  An amazing day.

Breaking trail in the bush behind our house.

Our tracks on the left, moose tracks cutting through the middle, and the bounding tracks of a coyote or fox on the right.

We had a little picnic snack on our adventure.

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Tara said...

That sounds like a most excellent day!