Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Pretty

I don't do dress up.

I have no clue how to do anything with my hair other than throw it in a pony tail or a hair clip.

I cannot put on makeup without looking like a two-bit tramp. 

And dressy clothes?  Nope, not in my closet.  I prefer jeans and rubberboots to dresses and heels.  

But nevertheless, I wanted to get dressed up for New Years.  Thank god for friends with the know-how!

One friend convinced me to wear one of her dresses.  Another offered to do my hair and makeup.  And a few others worked hard to convince me that yes, I did look good! 

I had a case of cold feet though.  I started to think of reasons not to go.  My nerves were getting the better of me in the few days leading up to the party.  I was so incredible nervous to go out!  (I do have a bit of a phobia about being around large crowds of drunk people that was contributing too.)  But in the end I decided I really needed to do this for myself.

So here are pictures.  I guess I do clean up well, especially when I have a team of helpers!
Like my choice of footwear?  Don't worry, I had nice shoes to take with me.

All dressed up at the party!

And my absolute favorite picture of the night.  Matt took this of me right as we were leaving to head home. 

Thank you so much to the friends that helped me look this good, the ones that encouraged me to go out, and to every single person at the party who came over to hug me and say how fantastic I looked.  I was was completely overwhelmed from the loving and supportive comments from everyone that I saw that night.  I am so lucky to live in such an amazing community made up of so many kind people.


Peanut said...

Love the last picture of you! You look stunning

Johanna said...

Wow Kara, do you ever look beautiful! It's hard to step out our element, but WOW!!! I bet Matt couldn't keep his hands off of you!

Way Way Up said...

You go girl!

i hear ya about the dress up thing! Definitely not my forte. I look pretty horrific in a dress!

Fawn said...

That's my favourite one of you, too. The other pics are wonderful, but in the last one you are just so relaxed and happy. Yep, you clean up real nice. :D

Anonymous said...

$141Wow!!!!!!!You look great!!!!

Jaime said...

Kara, you look awesome!! It sure is nice to get all dolled up sometimes. :)

I think most women feel like they don't know how to do their hair or anything. That small minority of women who are fancy and glamourous make the rest of us feel bad.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! I think that's the best end of the night pic ever!