Saturday, January 12, 2013

This Week In Sewing

Lots of sewing in my house this week!  I am trying to get my inventory up in preparation for the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous weekend in Whitehorse next month.  I am one of just eight vendors that will be selling for that event and I am really looking forward to the three days of selling!  I have been leaving a project on my kitchen table for whenever I have a few minutes to sew plus also trying to get back into sewing in the evenings. 

Over the last week I finished off a few projects that were waiting around half complete.  Three pairs of baby booties and two pairs of kid's mittens received trim.  Then I moved on to make a wolf fur muff, infant mittens, more baby booties, an adult red plaid and black seal trapper's hat, and one kid's red plaid and black seal hat.  I have one beaver fur mitten finished, but his mate is still in pieces! 

I also had a request from my boys to make them their very own trapper's hats and they turned out really sweet.  I love when they have matching items.  The first hat that I made for Cavan turned out a little bit small for his head, so it goes into inventory.  When I did it a second time around I came up with a better way to secure it under the chin for kids who cannot tie- hurray for velcro!

Beaver trimmed baby booties!

The first hat I made for Cavan that turned out a bit too small.

Adult seal fur hat!

Pink leather and black rabbit fur kid's mittens.

Rabbit fur trimmed baby booties.

Thumb-less baby mittens.

Wolf fur trimmed muff.  It is also lined with fur and has a little zipper pouch on the outside.

Matching troublemakers! 

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Tara said...

I just love the baby booties! They are so sweet. You do beautiful work, Kara!