Saturday, January 19, 2013

And away we go!

To date all of our family vacations have either been traveling to see family (BC or Cape Breton) or camping around the Yukon, NWT, and northern BC.  Never have the four of us jetted away to some destination for some relaxation.  Visiting family is great, but nowhere near relaxing.  Camping is awesome and we live in our camper every possible moment in spring, summer and fall.  It is fantastic family time, but it is also a lot of work.

We decided to change that this year!  We saved up our aeroplan points and booked tickets for the four of us to jet away to sunny Maui.  Our first hot family vacation!  We have rented a condo and a car for our nearly two week stay.  Plans while we are there?  Not much at all!  An aquarium to visit, a glass bottom boat tour, and a lot of sandcastle construction.  We are keeping this trip as relaxing as possible so we can return home actually feeling rested!  Fingers crossed it works.

My Kobo is filled with a heap of books.  I plan on plunking my butt beside the ocean for hours on end to catch up the list of zombie books I have been waiting to read.  Maybe a hike here and there and a dip in the ocean too when I get cross eyed from reading too much.

The boys are beside themselves with glee about this trip.  They want to see sharks, swim, and dig in the sand.  That is all they talk about!  Oh, and Cavan wants to know if we can go over a waterfall.  Not sure if that one will happen.

Matt?  Well he still isn't too sure about it.  He wants a relaxing trip, but he also hates the heat.  Right now the temperatures in the area we are heading are between +22 and +26 each day.  Not too bad!  I hope he is able to relax and enjoy his two week break from work and winter.  If this turns out not to be his thing, well then I guess our next family trip will be to Iceland, which I have always wanted to see. 

Everything is packing.  The house is clean.  Even the grocery list for our return trip home has been made up.  We are ready!

So away we go!


Miranda Hughes said...

Fun! We're doing our first-ever tropical family vacation this winter too. We're off to Hawaii island in March. Just for a week, but it will have to do. Bon voyage!

Allmycke said...


Nancy said...

Fun! I hope you post some photos when you get back.

Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

Have fun! We did our first hot holiday in 2009. We're heading out again about the time you get back! We're working on plans to never see winter again in a few years!

Fignie said...

Have fun!! Enjoy that sun -- definitely worth the trip! And I'm sure Matt will be ok - I was REALLY worried about it myself when we went to Hawaii - but the breeze from the ocean made it really tolerable - it only got bad when we were away from the beach. :) (so, even better reason to stay glued to the chair watching the kids!)