Thursday, October 11, 2012

A good whack to the head!

This week started off with a bang on Tuesday.  The bang of my head off of a wooden toy box.  Ouch!

I was heading up to Hunter's bunkbed to get more blankets for our fort, when I mis-stepped on the way back down.  He has stairs, not a ladder up to his bunk which you think would be safer.  Well, not for a klutz like me!

I tipped off the stairs sideways and the back side of my head came crashing down onto the edge of a wooden toy box.  I am pretty sure my head hit that before the rest of my body hit the floor.  It nearly knocked me out; I saw black and stars for a moment.  It took me a bit, but I managed to get myself sitting upright and called out to Hunter to bring me the phone.  Matt was at work, but came home to check me out. 

I had to go to our Health Centre to be checked out, but I will be fine.  Some whiplash, maybe a slight concussion, my ear is numb, some swelling and I have some nice bruising coming out.  My body is sore all over too, but I don't remember hitting anything other than my head.  Yesterday I was happy to send the kids over to a friends house since I was struggling with bouts of dizziness and nausea. 

Today I feel so much better though!  No nausea or dizziness, just still a bit stiff and sore.  I have greater range of motion with my head already.  And it looks like I may have knocked some sense out of me since I lost another pound that day.   :)

I was told the skull is good and thick back there!

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