Friday, October 12, 2012

A Ghosty Craft!

I have been doing a lot more crafts with the boys this year.  This week we made ghosts!  Super easy and fun for young kids.  And it incorporated so many skills: counting, cutting, colour recognition, and our favorite skill- playing with goo!

Getting set up!  Mix equal amounts of white glue and water together and stir until well combined.  Blow up balloons to desired size and set in mugs.  Cut pieces of cheesecloth to become ghosts.

Put cheesecloth into goo, swish it around and then squeeze off all the excess.  Drape the cheesecloth over your balloon and let dry overnight.

Find some construction paper, scissors and a hot glue gun.  Our first hot glue gun adventures!  The boys love using it.  Cut out eyes and a mouth for each- great counting and problems solving skills.

And done!  Using a needle and thread I ran a string through them for hanging.  It is pretty scary in our house now!


Johanna said...

awwww.... I love them. so cute

Sarah said...

what an AWESOME craft... luv it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! When my little guy is old enough for crafts I'm going through your archives! :)