Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quadding Day: Groundhog Creek Trail

With me walking between 8 and 12km a day, poor Betty the Quad has been severely neglected this summer.  Thankfully, she got a good run on Sunday!

We went exploring down Groundhog Creek Trail which is a road/trail off of the South Canol road.  This was our first trip up there and it definitely won't be our last.  We drove two hours from Faro to Lapie Lakes and left the truck and trailer there.  From Lapie, we quadded in about 20km to Seagull Lakes.  Gorgeous!  I cannot get over how wonderful this area is.  There are lots of side trails to keep us busy exploring for years to come.  The main trail is/was a road and friends of ours had driven their truck in there just last week.  I don't know if we would take our truck, being a dually, back in there.  I definitely need to buy myself some kind of boat for my 150lbs prize.  Perhaps a canoe would be best so I could check out places like Seagull Lake.  

We crossed creeks, went up and over the mountains, drove over lots of moose tracks and poop, and played in the snow.  The boys threw rocks, snowballs and sticks.  I tried fishing, but got nothing into shore.  It was a perfect way to spend a family Sunday.

I just keep falling more in love with the Yukon the more we explore.

Matt heading down the trail.  Just around the bend and down a bit are Seagull Lakes.

Crossing a little creek.

Here fishy, fishy!

Cavan rock leaping!

The boys and mama enjoying the snow.  It was +30C when we got back to Faro that evening.  It was hot in the mountains, but not unbearable.

So much snow still up there!  The boys were having a great time throwing snow balls at Matt and me.  There is my mistress, Betty on the left.

Tossing rocks in Groundhog Creek.


Morena said...

You sure do live in a beautiful spot.

jen said...

It is gorgeous! I can't wait to come see it!