Friday, July 13, 2012

And How Will I Celebrate?

Thanks for all of the fun suggestions through the blog and facebook on how I should celebrate my 100lb milestone.

I have decided to try naked zumba!  ahahah   Yeah.  No.  But thanks for that one, Alana!

I am going to purchase my very own squash racket so I no longer have to use the ones at the rec centre (then I won't feel so bad when I hit the wall with it or accidentally throw it across the court).  Thanks for this suggestion, Lesley!

I am going to throw a 100lb party at my house this Sunday afternoon.  We are providing hotdogs and burgers and asking everyone to bring a side dish or dessert.  But in order to be allowed to attend, you have to bring 100 pennies!  Should be a really fun afternoon.  Thanks to a number of people for this suggestion.

But the winner of my contest for best suggestion comes from ________ since I now cannot find the answer anywhere.  I think it was Jennifer C of Ft. Mac.  The suggestion was to donate $100 to a group that helps support self-esteem in girls.  Perfect!  So Sunday, at our backyard bbq, I will be giving a cheque to the leader of our local Girls Night Out group.  I will ask that the $100 go towards something that will help build positive body image and self esteem.  And since I already know how amazing this group is and how hard the leader works, this money will definitely be put to good use.

So Jennifer- if that was you, let me know and I am sending you a gift in the mail!  Still not sure what that gift will be, but I will blog about it before it goes out. And if it wasn't Jen that left that message, please tell me who it was!

Thanks for all of the congratulatory messages, everyone!  Your support means the world to me.

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