Sunday, July 8, 2012

Missing Kitty

We got home yesterday from a fantastic week of camping around the Yukon, but something was missing when we walked through the door.  Our grey cat, Tweakers, usually greets us and tells us how horrible we are for leaving her behind.  The house was too quiet and the other cat, Freak, was more off her rocker than normal.

All of us have called and searched, but so far no signs of Tweak.  We are guessing that she snuck out the door when the housesitter came over to check on the place.  She is not an outdoor cat.  This was the first year she experienced out the great outdoors (and she is nine years old) after we got our back deck and she decided to be a bit adventurous.

Hunter has been quite upset about it.  He and Tweakers have their cuddle time every afternoon and he keeps breaking down in tears saying he misses her.  Cavan took it all a bit more in stride.  This morning I told the boys that Tweak didn't come home last night and she probably will never come home.  He replied with, "Well maybe woofs ate her."   Woofs are wolves!  And he is probably close.  We see foxes in our backyard at least once a week and coyotes run through here too.  Wolves are seen around town, but we have only seen one behind our house this year.  Hopefully she met her demise quickly!

We will put up some missing posters around town today in hopes that someone did find her, but I doubt she is coming home.  It was a good nine years Tweakers and this family will miss you.


Trish said...

Mom just told me our cat Puddin hasn't been seen in about a week. He was an indoor/outdoor cat but he was close to 14, still really sad. Hugs to you guys and an extra squeeze to Hunter. Puddin is probably showing Tweak the ropes for outdoor catness at the Great Scratching Post in the sky.

Megan said...

Your kitty has the same coloring as my kitty!