Monday, July 30, 2012

Ball Tournament

This weekend Matt played in a ball tournament and the old guy did pretty well considering he hasn't played ball since he was about 15.  His team placed in fourth and half of their team is still hobbling around town!

I spent half the weekend volunteering with running the concession and the other half dealing with a puking kid.  Girls Night Out was running the concession and I helped by spending Friday and Sunday taking money and chatting up customers.  Late Friday night though we were woken up by Cavan puking over the side of his bunkbed.  That is always a joy to deal with.  He puked a bunch that night and up until noon on Saturday.  So Saturday I just hung out with a sick boy and cleaned a lot.  But by Sunday morning he was back to his usual busy self.

I never actually got to see Matt and his team in action since I was busy myself, but my friend got a few good pictures for me!

The next generation of Faro ball players!

Good sportsmanship all around!

Good times were had by all!  But especially by Michelle!

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