Saturday, January 7, 2012

This week in sewing

My hands only had a short break from sewing over the holidays and now they have been right back at it.  This last week I have completed two custom orders for mittens and also my first pair of earmuffs.  I am pretty happy with my first try at earmuffs; I have enough supplies to make five more pairs so I know what I will be doing tomorrow!

I had quite the brain fart moment one evening this week.  I wanted to make three pairs of baby mittens.  I cut the leather, the fleece and then sat down on the sofa for an evening of sewing.  Well, to make three pairs of baby mittens you need twelve pieces of leather (four for each pair of mittens).  I had cut out six- enough for one and a half pairs of mittens!  I had done the same with the fleece.  Was definitely not thinking when I cut those out.

Wolf fur mittens.  Moose hide, rabbit trim and fleece lined.

Beaver mittens.  Moose hide, beaver trim and fleece lined.

Ear muffs!  Sheared beaver dyed red, red fleece inside.

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Holly said...

Wow that's awesome!! You're very talented