Monday, January 30, 2012

Messy Time

The tv has been going here non-stop over the last week.  This flu/cold combo has left the boys feeling quite lethargic, so we have been watching a lot of movies.  I am ready to go crazy if I have to listen to another episode of Diego or watch the Polar Express yet again.  Hunter will probably go back to school tomorrow, but he needs another day of rest.

This morning I wanted a change of pace and to do something fun with the boys.  A friend had done it with her girls a while back (thanks for the idea, Fawn!) and I thought today would be great to give it a try.

We made moon dough!  Or at least that is what we named it.  We mixed eight cups of flour with one cup of canola oil and mixed thoroughly.  The texture is really fun for the boys.  It is loose, yet if you squish it hard enough, castles and volcanos can be built!  Almost like having a little sandbox in your house.

Hunter played with it for 45 minutes and even did a good job at keeping it in the bin.  Cavan, true to his wild-man nature, thought it was a lot more fun to throw in the air/floor/his head/Hunter's head.  So after 10 minutes I found something else to entertain him.  There was a lot of clean up, but for 45 minutes of entertainment, I was fine with that!

I have been looking up fun craft ideas and fine motor skill building ideas through Pinterest.  My idea list is growing, but I need to get to town for supplies!

Moon Dough!


Fawn said...

Yah! This is SO much fun! We have coloured rice in our bin right now, but the cloud dough (or moon dough!) is waiting for us in the freezer, and it might be time to change things up.

Morena said...

Very cool. I'm going to try that!

Heather said...

OOooo, can I suggest another fun one that we'd break out at daycare every once in a while?
Cornstarch mixed with water. It's a liquid but becomes solid when you try and squish it/pick it up. It's usually a really big hit, if somewhat messy!