Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Vacation

How I wish it was me on vacation!  Instead, it is just my Etsy store that has been put into vacation mode at the moment.  A store in Whitehorse has asked me a few times to send stuff in there to be sold on commission and I am finally getting around to sending my crafts in.  However, that has left my Etsy site bare as can be!  So it will be on vacation mode for probably the next two months.

Whitehorse will be busy with tourists during the upcoming Arctic Winter Games, Rendezvous and Yukon Quest.  I am hoping to sell a lot of my stock in there since it has been quiet here now that the holidays are over.

So if you are in Whitehorse and shopping around for fur mittens, mukluks, hats, or even fur hair accessories, please stop into the Trapper's Cache on 2nd Ave.  It is pretty hard to miss; it is the little log cabin with fighting moose on top!

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