Sunday, January 15, 2012

Playing Out

The wind died down and we bolted outside to enjoy the gorgeous day!  Today it is -32C and the windchill is -40C.  Earlier that windchill had been down to -44.  A bit nippy!!

Staying inside all day with two energetic boys is enough to drive us completely mad.  The only factor that keeps us indoors is the wind.  I am thinking of buying goggles for the boys so that we could even get outside on the windy days.

Our gear for keeping the boys warm?  Not expensive at all.  They are both wearing Columbia jackets that we got for free at our free-cycle store here in Faro, $19 a pair snowpants from SuperStore (best snowpants ever!), toques that were made by our friend in Ross River, $24 boots from Walmart (they are both rated to -35C) and mittens and balaclava's from Mountain Equipment Co-op.  Even those couple of items that we got from MEC aren't that expensive.  Each pair of mittens was under $20 a pair and we just put a pair of $1 cotton mitts on under them.  The balaclavas, actually called ninja-clava's were our most expensive item at nearly $30 each.  At -40C, Cavan who is not even three yet, was able to be outside for 45 minutes before he was telling us his feet were cold.  Next time I will throw a pair of my wool socks on him so he can last longer.  It just goes to show you that you do not need the most expensive of gear on your kids up here.  Just layer them smart and look for hand-me-downs! 

Hunter is the king of the snow hill!

Toast warm under there!

Cute frosty eye-lashes on Hunter.

Monkey-man Cavan!

Another gorgeous day in the Yukon.

Matt pulling the kids on the sleigh.

My turn to pull!  This is one heck of a good workout.

I am nice and warm under all my layers!


Sarah said...

you are so right.. the gear makes it so easy to be outside in COLD, COLD weather! :) thanks for sharing... looks like a really fun afternoon!

Erica said...

Is there a kind of balaclava that won't cause my glasses to ice up, or am I just living in a dreamworld?

jozien said...

Kara, it is so wonderful to read your blog, i just read quite a ways down.

dogsled_stacie said...

haha! I love that - "I'm thinking of getting them GOGGLES so they can go outside at extreme temps!" LOL

Only you!

Then again, I recall my parents doing the same thing AND teachers freakin' LOCKING US OUTSIDE during recess and refusing to open the doors. Wow, I forgot about that. I think that needs to be a blog post, haha.

Cheryl said...

It was -47 with the windchill here in sunny Edmonton this week... man did that suck. Especially when it was +5 days before it sank to those lows and literally a week later, it will be +5C again!