Friday, April 15, 2011

We Love Tina!

And Rob, Colby and Joey!

Today I got a huge parcel in the mail from the Schwartz family in northern Saskatchewan. The boys were spoiled rotten. Easter candies, lots of clothing Colby and Joey had outgrown and an astronaut costume. The boys got to eat their first ever Kinder Surprise egg, and were amazed that there was a toy in the centre!

And we got something the whole family can enjoy- a zip drive full of movies. Thanks so much Schwartz family!
Mommy- why didn't Joey send me a spaceship, too?

Tina, mommy ate two of our chocolates. Please send us more.

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Tina said...

That bottom picture is priceless!! That astronaut suit was a hand me down to Colby when he was that small, then to Joey, then to preschool and now to you guys! Rob's cousin made it for her son (who's now 14) to wear. And I can't believe your boys have never had kinder surprises! What kind of mother are you>?!?!?! :P)