Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Potty Time! Excellent!

Hunter has his little shadow wherever he goes- including the bathroom. Cavan tries to mimic his brother at each and every task and it is pretty darn cute.

Cavan has been asking to sit on the potty right after Hunter does for the last few months. There has been no real action though up until the last few days. Cavan has all of a sudden requested no diapers and is sitting on our small potty a number of times throughout the day. And he is actually peeing on it now! Yesterday I only had to change one wet diaper and one pee off the floor. Today is going just as well, although diapers will still be covering that little butt when we head out of the house.

Potty training for Hunter clicked right when he was two and a half, so Cavan is taking to it early (he is two years old today!). But the earlier we are done with diapers, the better. I am really looking forward to being a diaper free house!


Megan said...

At 23 months, Michael decided that diapers were disgusting, and he wanted nothing to do with them. I put those thick cotton training pants on him, and he trained himself in about two days. (For some reason, I remember it as being only one day, but that can't be right.)

He was right - diapers ARE disgusting. He had one moment of shock when he peed in the cotton training pants, and that was all it really took to convince him to get to the potty right away.

I know, I had it easy...

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Well no wonder you only had one kid! He is awesome!!

I should find some of those training pants to use.

Fawn said...

Two years ago, both your story and Megan's would have left me feeling despairing, since Jade still wasn't potty trained at age 4. Yes, she had developmental issues, but I was really starting to wonder when it would happen.

Like you say, when she got it, it was like it just suddenly "clicked".

And lucky for me Halia also wanted to do whatever Jade was doing and was pretty much potty-trained by the fall, well before she turned 2. (Well, not night-time yet for Halia!) Just my two kids illustrate what a huge range there can be in readiness

Way to go, Cavan!! And hurray for inspiring role models. :)

Allmycke said...

I had absolutely no clue how to potty train a boy when I returned to Sweden for a holiday when my son was 1½ years old. He still used diapers, but didn't like them - only I didn't know how to get to the next step.
We stayed with Mom and her new husband Len to start with and my son would follow him to the bathroom. It took two days before he got this business of using the toilet.
I never got to thank Len for that, come to think of it!