Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Project

A while back I bought a really cute girls hat in hopes that I could figure out how it was made and then make some of my own. This weekend I have finally found the time to give it a try and am very happy with the results!

The hat is in the shape of a bonnet, lined with fleece and the outside is commander material which is wind and water resistant. There is a fur ruff on it and ties that can be done up under the chin. It will fit a girl from ages 1 to 4.

I cannot wait to make a couple more of them!

The soft fleece and fox fur trim:

Side view:

Back view:

I have actually made two so far. This is the side view of the second. I left the back un-gathered to see the effect. I think I am happier with the gathering I did on the first one, although this is still darn cute.

An adorable little model from Faro!

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Morena said...

Yes, cute model but the one with Cavan wearing it was much better!