Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank You, Indigo

Indigo Sweetwater

An amazing woman.

I never met you in person. Yet,

My home is filled with you.

Everywhere I turn, I am reminded of your presence even though you were never present in my home. Rarely could an entire month go by without an item showing up in the mailbox. Sometimes a postcard from a far off corner of the world. Other times a parcel filled with sunshine.

Rubbermaids with her signature label have been coming my way for the last five years.

Fur coats, toys, patterns.


My sewing room has been all about you for the last week. Nine hoodies…. NINE! Who the heck places an order for nine hoodies after already having five made for them? You, of course. Because you were always thinking of that newest babe that would be needing a parcel sent their way. I sure hope David knows where to send them because I have your order almost complete. How wonderful; parcels from Indigo will still be coming in the mail after your death. Whoever receives them will be filled with some real joy I bet.

Only Indigo could pick cow print fake fur and know it would look great!

My heart is filled with you.

You encouraged and supported my family and the decision to leave my career and make my sons the priority. The loss you experienced ages ago helped me realize that my boys are way more important than any job could ever be.

My own little dirt cowboys will know of you.

You nurtured my creativity and gave me the nudge I needed to pursue my sewing hobby. Thank you for always listening to my questions and being so full of crafting knowledge that you always had an answer for me.

I hope some of your creative spirit is on its way to me.

I am selfish though.

I wasn’t done with you yet.

You promised to visit and sew with me.

We had plans for seal fur purses, parkas and tea.

Traditional Inuit sewing kit you sent me- inspiration.

The world is filled with you.

How did you know how to make each person in your life feel so special, so blessed, so loved? I want that ability. Your page on facebook was always filled with thank-yous. Thank you for sending the…. Thank you for the visit… Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Northern blog were filled with comments from you. How many blog posts are out there thanking you for some thing or another? I know I did a few.

You are part of so many lives. Lives that have been brought closer because of your presense.

How could one woman bring so much joy to the world? I know you brought a lot of joy to mine.

Forty eight hours. What? No, she can’t be sick. What? No, she can’t be gone.

I sent you a letter on Saturday telling you all of the things I wished I had said sooner. It didn’t reach you in time. Oh, Indigo. Always teaching me something.

Although I wish you could have given this lesson in a different way.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written Kara, and I know it must have been hard for you....hugs.

Tammy said...

What a lovely post, Kara! I'm so sad you lost your friend, she sounds like a wonderful person. xoxo

Clare said...

Thanks Kara. You made me smile, you made me cry. How can I miss someone I've never met?

Lesley said...

Indigo sounds like a very special person and a friend who has left an amazing impression on your life. She will clearly be missed by many, but it is clear from your message that you will keep her spirit in your heart and continue to grow from her support. Friends are the family you choose and I am sorry that you have lost such a close member of your family. Thinking of you. xoxoL

allmycke said...

Thank you Kara for writing this. I'm sitting here speechless, looking at one of the tin cans she sent me about two years ago - just because I wrote a post about my Mom's old coca tin.

Fawn said...

I didn't really get to know Indigo, but often saw you mention her, and her comments on a number of blogs. (And even one or two on mine.) But still, this made me cry.

Also, I've been trying to decide about quitting my job... and when I should do it. And I'm feeling a shove right about now.

deiss said...

Oh, Kara. *hugs* I'm sorry to hear about Indigo. I know she meant a lot to you.

Megan said...


Johanna said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounds like a very special soul. xox

Morena said...

Wow! Great post. She really made an impact on your life and I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she's read this by now and she knows how you feel.... I'm sure they have high speed in heaven!

Anonymous said...
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Scientific Chick said...

That was extremely moving. My thoughts are with you...

Meandering Michael said...

Beautifully said.

Melissa said...

I am so sorry Kara! That was beautifully written and now you and your boys have an angel looking down at you.

Charlene Blake said...

Beautiful Kara,
My Son got two of the swaeters that you make, We were all lucky to know Indigo, She was a great woman, We will all miss her.

Charlene Blake
Tsiigehtchic, NT

Sheryl said...

I came accross your post after searching for Indigo's obituary online. I didn't find an obituary from a newspaper, but found your blog instead. A very fitting tribute for a woman who touched so many lives. She will be missed.

Reverend Shawn said...

Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman ... I'm glad that Indigo was a friend for the last 15 years (she arrived in our world when my son was a wee lad and became Auntie Indigo) ... our parcels from her included a couple of suitcases - she laughed and laughed and laughed when told about the mailman coming to the door carrying a suitcase in hand ... "you moving in?" I asked when I opened the door. He wasn't impressed.
Indigo lived her life larger than life, and touched so many lives ... I trust completely that her spirit will live on in our hearts and thoughts, and her love will continue to ebb and low around us ... she filled many lives with laughter, love and so much more than she could ever know!!
Blessings and thanks,
Rev Shawn
Flesherton Ontario