Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoe Shopping- Northern Style

While in Whitehorse, a friend and I went shopping together without our husband's or kids.

I went shoe shopping for the first time in years. Now, I am not a girly girl in the least and I am pretty sure my purchases speak to that fact. I was happy to find three pairs to haul home with me.

First I found a fabulous pair of rubber boots at Canadian Tire. I love the flowers on them! Now I can rescue the boys from the puddles without soaking myself. Then I found the perfect quadding boot- a pair of Bogs! They are waterfproof and good to 40 below. And finally as luck would have it, the same style of winter walking shoes I have been wearing for years were on sale for nearly 50% off, so I grabbed a pair. I spent $200 on shoes and am very happy with my purchases!
Northern Boots:
Bogs quadding boots, Merrell winter walking shoes, and Crappy Tire Rubber Boots


Melodie said...

I love Bogs. I use mine all winter! They're perfect for snow or water!!! I actually find myself LOOKING for puddles to walk in with these. lol.


Anonymous said...

When we moved back down south I got a huge box out of storage of all my 'south' shoes - high heels, knee high boots etc. But I spent the whole winter in my hiking boots...I think the north has ruined my feet for high heels!