Thursday, July 15, 2010

Distraction by Sewing

Tonight I had to get my mind off of the heartbreak my friend is going through in Mayo, so I headed down to my sewing room to distract myself for a couple hours. I created a sequel to this purse I made last month.

I am still not completely happy with the final product. I need something better to make the strap out of. A suggestion from a friend of d-rings sounds perfect, but I just don't know what to use for the strap material. This one is out of elk hide and rabbit. Not sure if I am fond of the rabbit front; I think the seal on the other one looks so spiffy. I do like the little wooden button I bought the last time I was in town. I am going to spend a while scouring the internet looking for other examples to copy. Suggestions are always welcome!


Heather said...

The top picture made me think of a duck's head... just saying... kinda cute though!
I must admit, I have no idea what materials you should use.

indigo said...

if you are going for a folksy/mountain man/medieval maiden look, you nailed it. I like a cleaner more urbane look myself. For that I would use smooth leather, bone or ivory buttons and a heavy silk cord or woven webbing (very similar to seat belt material only way thinner). Depends upon your market and who you are pleasing. Just saying.

Maureen said...

I love the purses you make. Can you fit a passport, credit card, debit card and driver's license, plus a small bit of cash into it? I always carry a samll purse like that when I travel (with a strap that is over the opposite shoulder length). This one looks as if it is lined with fleece and a so bit pouchy? If you can make one thinner, so that it fits well under a jacket when travelling in cities, airports and train stations overseas that would help (maybe a silk lining instead). A hide strap, bone or ivory buttons - it has Canada all over it. Sign me up to buy one.
The Mayo story is on the news here in Vancouver. Very sad for his family and the RCMP. I am sorry about your friend.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I was totally going for a folksy look Indigo! Trying to use up all of the scraps in my sewing room before I buy anything else.

Maureen- I just have it stuffed with plastic bags for the picture. It is unlined.

Thanks all!

Carole said...

How about three very thin leather straps/ that are braided?