Monday, July 5, 2010

Four Days of Fun

Our four day weekend was fantastic even if the weather wasn't! We spent two days on the South Canol road and two days in Whitehorse doing some urban camping. There was a lot of rain in both areas, and it made me thankful that we have a camper on our truck instead of having to tent.

We were in Ross River first thing on Thursday and got to take in their parade. I love being part of small communities on events like this. Everyone is in the parade and hardly anyone is left to watch! We were bombarded with freezies and candy and the boys squealed with glee at the sirens from the firetruck.

This is the first time we have driven the entire length of the South Canol road. Usually we only go about 130km down. A lovely drive, but the north end is definitely the most scenic. The boys enjoyed exploring and splashing in every available mud puddle.

In Whitehorse we visited with friends, went garage sale'ing, did our shopping, went to the pool and I even got a girlie night out at the movies with a friend. Definitely a fun couple of days in Whitehorse- which seemed empty compared to most weekends we are in there. Everyone must have left town to go camping!

Ross River fire truck:

South Canol Road- beautiful as usual:

We got to drive through some fabulously muddy spots on the road. I wish I had taken a picture of the worst spots, but Matt wasn't going to stop in the middle and I sure wasn't walking back into it!!

Chasing porcupines:

Remnant from the making of the road:

Having fun at Quiet Lake:

See! I did forgive him for forgetting my fishing rod!

I see a little boy!

Taking it for a spin:

The boys loving watching the guys clean our truck at the carwash:

Half naked play time in Whitehorse at our friends house:


Ann said...

That's awesome that you were in Ross for the parade. It's such a hoot! We were sorry to miss it this year. We usually drive the ambulance.

Carole said...

Sorry I missed your visit. We just got back from Vancouver on Saturday and had to prepare for a friend's wedding in my yard on Monday. So busy that I forgot an important appointment Monday morning.