Thursday, July 23, 2009

Still Alive!!

So sorry for the lack of posts! We are still on vacation and will return to Faro late next week. So far we have been gone for 20 days and I am definitely ready to head for home.

Plans were changed and instead of going camping with my family, we decided to stay at my parents place for an extra week. Being here is better than camping. My parents have 320 acres, quads, swimming pool, kid-sized gators and the list goes on and on. Hunter is not hurting for entertainment. As a bonus, my brother along with his wife and kids have been here with us. The boys are all getting along better than I ever imagined. I am so glad we have kids nearly the same age.

And to appease those wanting pictures...

Hunter and Damon going for a drive in the gator:

Grandma letting Hunter steer the RZR with Damon as the passenger:

I promise I will get more pictures up when I get home!


Morena said...

I so want one of those gators for Oliver! Looks like great fun.

Tigger said...

Glad to hear from you! Looks like you are having a fantastic vacation.

In Iqaluit said...

We have missed you! Thanks for the update and the pictures! Enjoy the rest of your vacay (I never used or said that before... I am not sure why I am starting now).