Monday, July 13, 2009

Next Leg of our Journey!

We have been over in Hay River, NWT since last Wednesday. I have lots of stories and pictures, but my mac won't start due to a craptacular cord! I think Hunter has played with the cord too much and now it won't charge my computer. Today we are leaving to head south to my parents place outside of Dawson Creek, BC. There is a place to fix macs down there, so we are hoping to hit it tomorrow before it closes to see about a cord. Then I can download and post some pictures.

Hay River has been a wonderful time. Most of our friends from our time here have kids now, so our time has been spent getting to know the new additions. We have been gone from Hay River for four years, but it feels like we never missed a beat. A true sign of good friends!

Hopefully late this week I will get some pictures on here. Now, time to get that camper packed up again!


Corrienne said...

i hope u had a great time

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

As much as I didn't like living in Hay River, I wished I was back there last week!

indigo said...

Hay River looks some good when ya live in Fort Resolution

Tigger said...

I sure was fantastic seeing you and the kids! Glad you made the trip.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering where you ordered your Peapod tent from. Seems like the perfect gift for outdoorsy friends.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Hi Soph,

The peapod tent is from here:

It would make a great gift!!

Tina- be glad you weren't there, but the bugs were horrible!

Awesome to see you and the kids too Tigger!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Kara! Wouldn't you know it....the online company is based in Nelson. Where my outdoorsy friends with babies live :)
Nice to support a Canadian business!