Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Boy is Growing Up!

On Tuesday we asked Hunter's favorite babysitter to take him for an hour and a half after supper so we could get some packing done. Hunter absolutely loves her and leaves with no problem when she comes and gets him. They headed out and we got to work.

A while later I just happened to look out the window and see a few kids go by. Well this few kids was actually a whole pack of them! And my little man was out there too. In the picture you can see six kids, but there was at least 10 of them out there on this walk around the neighbourhood. Matt was outside and Hunter didn't even want to go and see him. My boy is growing up!

And a big hurray for living in a town where you don't have to worry that your child is out for a walk with a big group of kids. I really love Faro!

Hunter is the one with the camo fleece on. His babysitter is pulling the empty wagon. Guess he wanted to be just like the big kids and walk!

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Aida said...

there are some nice houses there!