Saturday, March 7, 2015

Perfect Family House for Sale in Faro, Yukon

Nope, not ours!  We aren't moving anywhere.

But Faro is losing a really fantastic family.  They are moving to Haines Junction to start a new adventure after spending 12 years in Faro.  Their gorgeous house is up for sale and we would love to see another family move to town.

I have said it repeatedly over the last seven years that we have lived here and I will keep saying it- Faro is amazing!  Here is what the seller says about Faro and I have to agree:

Why would you want to live in Faro? Families can buy an awesome home here without being a slave to your mortgage! One parent can stay home with kids so you can escape paying those daycare bills. Faro has all the amenities you need, with an incredible K-12 school, affordable and varied recreation, and world class hunting, hiking, fishing and outdoor opportunities. Faro has a strong, safe community with many young growing families choosing to raise their kids here because of the high quality of lifestyle. Live in a place where your kids can dirt bike to school, where the cops are your hockey coaches, and where you can put your groceries on a tab at the store because your forgot your wallet at home. 

See!  Why would you want to live anywhere else?  Sure, you can move to Whitehorse and pay over $400 000 for a house not near as nice, but who wants to do that?  Move to Faro and buy this house for $210 000 instead!

This town is the perfect place to live if a parent works away in a mine or oil patch too.  Leave your family in a safe, caring community while you are on your two weeks away at work!

Their house has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and has been renovated and updated throughout.  There is both a wood stove and a propane stove so your heating bills can be minimal.  And the kitchen.  My god, it is stunning!  There is so much living space in this place!  Check out these photos:

Cedar siding, new windows, big yard!

Gorgeous hardwood flooring and a propane stove upstairs.

More hardwood flooring and a woos stove downstairs.  No huge fuel bills for you!

And who wouldn't want a hot tub?

Everyone in Faro has kitchen envy.  There is even a pantry off the kitchen!
Check out their Kijiji ad for a better description and more photos.  Make an offer!

Oh, and if you do buy the house, I get full access to the rhubarb patch.  Yep.  Just part of the deal.


Clare said...

I share rhubarb with no one.

No. One.

Way Way Up said...

I was thinking I'm not keen on wood siding but then I saw you mention cedar so I'd definitely go for that. I DO love that kitchen. Mind you, I don't really use kitchens that much and use my own stove so infrequently that I have to ask a tenant for a refresher, but I still like LOOKING at them. Certainly seems like a nice community and seven years there (has it really been that long?) is a testament of that.

Anonymous said...

is that house is only for sale or anyone can take it on rent?
this place is really owe some, if you your providing it so how can every one go away from it. outstanding place.

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Rea@Adele Inc said...

I want that hot tub looks very relaxing while sightseeing..

Hayden Farley said...

This house sounds so nice. I have a family and I'm thinking about moving here. I've done a lot of research so far. Your blog really helps me understand why I should consider moving to your town and why I might want to consider buying the house you have for sale on the market.

Hayden Farley @ Malibu Real Estate Agents

Julia Stewart said...

Finding the perfect family home can always seem like such a chore, but I have noticed that when you begin working with a buyers agent, everything seems to change. It is easier to get a house when you know that you have an expert who is helping you through the process and making it a whole lot easier for you.

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Doyle Hunt said...

This looks like a beautiful home for a family or even a couple looking to start a family. From the pictures the house looks open and spacious. Just looking at the picture you almost feel at home. With so many communities under threat of disappearing it’s great to see one still holding true to its community spirit.

Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van