Saturday, March 21, 2015

Outside time, all the time!

I don't mind winter.  Heck, I wouldn't be in the Yukon if winter wasn't my thing.  Sure, I get a little stir-crazy when we have long stints of cold, but a bit more vitamin D, our sunlamp, and we get through it!

I think what makes winter bearable is that we get outside in most every temperature.  It definitely gets easier this time of the year and we are outside as much as possible.  The boys and I have walked to school almost every single morning since the middle of February (I think we have missed 3 days of walking in that time).  We have had a pretty mild winter and the coldest it has been since that time has been the mid minus twenties.  But even when it is colder, we find any reason to get outside.  Fresh air feels like it fixes most everything.  I don't miss those years when the boys were babies and toddlers and getting outside in the deep cold was near impossible!

Having this pup has also given us extra reason to get outside.  I am walking her about 7km a day and loving it!

Frosty walk in the -30's.

We finally got skidoos after selling ours when we left Nunavut.  Two new-to-us machines are now in our yard.

Romps with the puppy are always fun!

It got so warm the kids and their friends made a snowman out of the sticky snow!

Out at the lake with friends.

Warming up by the fire after hours outside.

Nice long walks tire out the kids and the dog!

This is the sign of a good day in our house!  All of the gear and a dog drying out by the fire.


So pretty in her pink sweater!
Sunny March weather is bringing out my freckles already!

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dogsled_stacie said...

Gah! That pic of the pup in the coat, sooooo cute!!!!