Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Top Cop Reader

One of our local RCMP members got our grade 1/2 class on board with the Top Cop Reading Program.  It is a national program that encourages youth to read for half an hour every day and as those minutes add up, students advance through the ranks of the RCMP with the goal of becoming the Commissioner with 900 minutes of reading.

We were on vacation for 10 days of this challenge, but it was still easy to find time for Hunter to read for 30 minutes.  He loves books and is always sneaking books to bed with him and waiting for us to close his door so he can read more.  He hit his 900 minutes and was pretty proud of his name at the top of the chart in his classroom!

Our local member went into the school at the end of the challenge and set up an obstacle course for the kids to run through.  They all received prizes and had a lot of fun.  Then the award for the students who made the top cop level was a drive to school by our RCMP who were dressed in full serge!

When the program was first introduced to Hunter, he thought the final prize was that the RCMP would be on his beck and call to drive him whenever he wanted! He was a little disappointed to when he found out it was only one drive!

Thank you to Constable Drapeau  for running this program in our school and thank you to Corporal Hack for driving Hunter to school!

How Canadian kids get to school!  HA! 

On his way!

Outside our school

Our Top Cops!

Thanking the members for putting on the program.


Tara said...

This is such a fantastic idea! My wee one is really young so nothing like this for him. I really hope there are similar programs for him when he's the right age :)

Mme. Rogers said...

Your comment about Hunter thinking the officer would be at his beck and call made me laugh out loud! What a great program!

Nita said...

That is SO COOL!!!